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An effective SEO Company campaign can bring a higher return on your investment than any other type of marketing for your Company. This will therefore increase your volume of sales and profit overall

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Keyword Analysis

Keywords are crucial for any website. People search on Search Engines using search terms or keywords. Only if a website's content has the relevant keywords in it, it can drive more traffic. Hence selection of relevant keywords is crucial for any website. The chosen set of keywords should fulfill two conditions - they should be popular with your target audience; they should at the same time have less competition in search engines.

Here's where our Keyword Suggestion service can help you. Our SEO Professionals do authentic research and analysis and come up with a set of keyword suggestions for your website. Our suggestions would be based on Keyword Rankings in popular search engines. We choose keywords that rank better among target users. Since keyword rankings decide PPC advertising rates, we choose keywords that are affordable yet competitive.

Our keyword suggestions will also be relevant to the content, purpose and objective of your website. We suggest keywords that are used by most users when they search for the type of products or services you sell or offer on your site.Our keyword suggestions are based on many factors. We generally follow the below process before finalizing on the keywords: Site Analysis: First, we do a thorough site-analysis to get a wholesome perspective of the site, its purpose and business. We prepare a report about this initial analysis and base our keyword research on that.Keyword Relevancy: Keyword Relevancy is very important. The keywords chosen after analysis should be relevant to the purpose and objective of the website. While doing Keyword Research and giving keyword suggestions, we ensure that relevant and highly appropriate keywords are chosen.Keyword Frequency: We ensure that our keywords are search terms or phrases which are frequently used by the website target audience. We analyze the keyword rankings and choose the best of keywords.Competitive and Valuable Keywords: Website optimization should be done with a long-term vision. To achieve, good search engine rankings for a longer period, the set of keywords should be valuable and competitive. Our keywords suggestions are such that they are at the same time both competitive and valuable and yield good results even on a long term basis.

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